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Muskie Fishing in the Land of the Giants - Sunset Country, Ontario, Canada

If there ever was an epic muskie fishing destination it has to be the Sunset Country travel region in Ontario, Canada. Up here the word big has a different meaning than most other places. You see just about every muskie is big up here it more a matter of how big it is. Fish passing 55 inches are caught every year and the majority of fish caught are 40 inches or better. If you just consider for a moment the names of some of our muskie waters - Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake, Lac Seul, the Lower Manitou, Rainy Lake, Cedar Lake, the Indian Lake Chain, the Wabigoon-Dinorwic Chain, the Winnipeg and English Rivers etc. etc. This is nothing short of an all time list of great muskie fishing lakes and all of them are basically in the same general area! If you call yourself a serious muskie angler, then a trip to Sunset Country has to be at the very top of your "bucket list".

Use this website to connect with tourist outfitters operating lodges, resorts, outposts, campgrounds and even houseboats across the region. They can get you on top of some of the ultimate lake destinations for muskie fishing in North America.

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